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What the heck is this?

PostCreator is a powerful yet easy-to-use design tool for creating social media posts that are branded and more engaging. Watch the video to see how you can create your own branded social media image.

Who is it for?

We initially created PostCreator for the 30 million brands with pages on Facebook. Having built social communities ourselves, we learned what kind of posts got the highest level of engagement and set out to develop a simple way to create those kinds of posts.

Do I need any design skills?

No, that’s the beauty of PostCreator. Anyone can use it to create professional looking posts. If you have a sense of design, it certainly doesn’t hurt, but you don’t need to be an art director to use it.

How does it work in a nutshell?

First you choose your canvas size, and then you upload an image. It can be either a photo you’ve taken, a piece of art you’ve created, or a shot you’ve licensed from a stock photo house like Shutterstock. You can adjust the size and placement of the picture, and then write a headline or lengthier copy and place it over the image (or in a band, box or circle). You can adjust the font and font color as well. Then upload your logo and post it directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest. The whole process can be done in minutes!

What’s the difference between the free version and the pro version?

The free version has our logo embedded in the image, and you can use it to post directly to Facebook. It’s great for trial or personal use.

But if you want to use PostCreator to build your business, you’re going to want to use your own brand rather than ours. The Pro version comes with more fonts, more canvas sizes and our Admaker Grid that lets you know if your artwork is in compliance with Facebook’s 20% copy maximum.

Our Pro version also allows you to post directly to not only Facebook, but Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn as well.

How do I upgrade from basic to pro?

Just follow the instructions, add your information such as credit card and you are done. We offer a monthly version as well as an annual version at a discount.

Can I create once, and post to multiple social media platforms?

Yes, that’s the beauty of PostCreator. You are able to create one branded visual message and post to multiple social media sites. HOWEVER, there is not one perfect size for all sites. We are using the Twitter size for multiple destinations, because it appears correctly on Facebook and Pinterest as well. LinkedIn is slightly different, and the preview of your post may not capture the entire image. When someone clicks on the image, it will display in full.

You can also create a post, duplicate it within PostCreator, and then reformat the size yourself and post to the desired social media.

What is AdMaker and how exactly can I use it?

If you’ve ever boosted a post or advertised on Facebook, you may have had it rejected for exceeding their limitations on how much text can be embedded in the image, Facebook enforces a rule that any post can only contain a maximum of 20% copy. With our Admaker tool, you have a helpful grid that will calculate the percentage of text. So if you plan on boosting your post or creating an ad to build your community, you won’t be pulling your hair out over a rejection email from Facebook.

What browsers can I use?

We support most of the popular browsers. However, if you happen to use a very old version of any of these you may possibly experience some issues. If you do, please let us know right away. Or drag yourself kicking and screaming into the 21st century and upgrade your browser.

Do you take feedback?

You bet! We made PostCreator for you. We are open to any and all suggestions and feedback. In fact, we would love to hear from you. There is a feedback button in the upper or lower right hand corner of a page when you’re logged into PostCreator (it’s a little talk bubble that resembles our logo). Hope to hear from you!